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Well, today’s post will highlight the different solutions we offer for everyone from homeschoolers to camp directors and teachers to school districts! is simply the largest catalog of vetted, 3D-printable STEM models available to the public. We provide access to a user-friendly, digital library of over 110 kits. Our kits target students in grades K – 12 and are brought to life through the wonders of 3D printing. In addition to the kits, we also provide curriculum and teacher resources for our kits. Each lesson plan is standards-aligned and written, reviewed, and tested by a team of teachers and content-area experts from the Florida Center for Research in STEM.

Our love for STEM education motivates us to bring the exciting and engaging world of 3D printing to the masses not only to enhance individual learning but also to improve the world around us. Through 3D printing, educators are afforded the chance to make STEM education intuitive and hands-on.

Our kits cover everything from counting to DNA, and weather patterns to rocket launches. Our library includes kits for every STEM subject kindergarten through high school. In math, we have kits on fractions, statistics, geometry, shapes, and graphs – to name a few. In science, we have kits on cells, macromolecules, genetics, planets, catapults, and more. Oh, and we integrate math and science principles regularly in our lesson plans to replicate the intricacies of real-world problem solving. Our goal at is to provide everyone with the best designs and the best curriculum and to make them as accessible as possible.

Our pricing packages are designed to be economical so that quality STEM education is obtainable for everyone. Check out our cost-comparison document available for download on our homepage to see how 3D printing provides an affordable alternative to purchasing classroom supplies in the traditional fashion and see below for suggestions on how to use our kits in your particular environment.

K-12 Teacher – Use our kits and curriculum in your classroom confident that you’re providing quality education that’s aligned to the standards you have to teach.

Image pulled from a CPALMS video showcasing how this teacher uses one of our kits in her classroom. View it here.

Pre-K or College – Use our kits and adapt the lesson plans to suit your needs. We currently have a professor at FSU who’s been using our Sickle Cell Kit to teach multiple biology courses for years.
Homeschooler – 3D print exactly what you need for your children’s needs and make it right in the home.

School Superintendent or Principal – Our kits and curriculum provide an end-to-end solution for your teachers and are a wonderful supplement to gaining STEM school certification.

Image courtesy Dremel Education. Used with permission.

District Coordinator – Our kits and curriculum provide an end-to-end solution for your teachers and are a wonderful supplement to gaining STEM school certification for the schools in your district. We currently have one district in Florida which has implemented our program district-wide and is loving it. They’ve received over 600 orders for their three 3D printers in the few months since purchasing a subscription and are running the printers non-stop to supply the teachers with their requests.
Librarian – A library is the perfect hub for creating a 3D printing space in your school. Set up a printer and let the teachers submit orders or use the printer to create kits for their classrooms.
Afterschool Program Director or STEM Camp Coordinator – Due to their hands-on nature, our kits are designed to be fun. Many are open-ended and exploratory in nature, which makes them perfect for a more casual afterschool learning environment. Use the curriculum’s teacher guide to gain background information on the subject and let the students explore and learn.

Business Teacher – Let the students run the printer and manage requests from teachers within your school for a real-life model in supply and demand. Students must budget for filament, calculate print times and provide time-tables for the teachers, as well as balance and prioritize print requests. A program like this is working wonderfully at one of our pilot school districts.

Image courtesy Dremel Education. Used with permission.

Professional Development Coordinator – These kits make great tools for teacher PD. Used to teach hundreds of teachers throughout Florida over the past few years, the kits make PD fun and informative. Learn more about the professional development workshops that have used our kits later in this series!

Parent – Like everything you’ve heard but not an official teacher? We love your commitment to your children’s education and have a few small subscriptions perfect for bringing informal educational learning into your home. Check out our breakdown below:

Want to hear more about how you can use our kits and what real teachers are saying? Visit our final 30 Days of 3D Printing blog post which features reviews and use-cases.

We offer competitive subscriptions for individual consumers and for enterprises. Our subscriptions are based on a year-long agreement but can be paid for either monthly or annually.

The cost for enterprise subscriptions are calculated based on the total amount of students within a school or within the district, whereas the consumer subscriptions are calculated based on the points allowed per month. Points can be used to print kits. Kits range from 5-15 points depending on complexity and whether it comes with curriculum.

How are you using 3D printing in your school? Tell us in the comments!
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