Teachers learn 3D printers, a new way to challenge, excite students

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Schools are out for the summer, but about 30 Duval teachers were still at work at Twin Lakes Middle School last week, debating the fine points of statistics and flinging marshmallows, Cheerios and colorful projectiles into the air.

The educators, who teach algebra and other math courses in Duval middle and high schools, were using tiny, plastic catapults made from 3D printers. Over eight days they were learning how to make and master catapults and other doodads for math and science lessons.

They were using miniature human skulls, colorful lion fish and loaded dice. A special website, MySTEMkits.com, allowed them to use a 3D printer to make the materials.

At the end of the eight days of training, each teacher will get a free 3D printer and can use the website to make kits. The hope is that the new technology will amp up excitement and creativity in math and science classes.

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