DWQA QuestionsCategory: PRINTINGWhich printers allow wireless streaming with MyStemKIts?
MyStemKits IncMyStemKits asked 3 years ago

While most 3D printers will work with our website, the wireless streaming feature is only supported with the Dremel 3D40 at this time. The setup process requires you to use a code referred to as a “token” to register the printer.

How does the get token feature work?

The get token feature is an easy and convenient way for you to setup wireless printing with the Dremel 3D40.  Once you have navigated to a kit and click the 3dprint button a pop up window appears and if you scroll down you will see the add new printer option.  In this section, you will find the Dremel Icon. After clicking register simply type the token in and click the add button. For further details on the get token on the Dremel printer screen watch this video. After a few moments of processing your printer should appear in the select a printer section.


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