DWQA QuestionsCategory: PLANS & PRICINGWhat are “Points”
MyStemKits IncMyStemKits asked 3 years ago

Points can be spent to print kits. Instead of paying a dollar amount for each kit, you pay for a subscription with a certain amount of points. Then you spend those points printing kits.

Kits belong to two collections: Standard Kits Collection which are less complex kits and the Premier Kits Collection which are more deluxe kits. Standard Kits are 5 points. Premier Kits are 10 points. Kits which have curriculum are an additional 5 points. To find out which kits belong to each collection, you can check the Kit Gallery.

Points might also be used to replace broken or lost parts. Spare parts can most often be printed for 1 or 2 points, depending on complexity.

Additional points can be purchased if you run out.


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