Professional Development Options

MyStemKits is focused on making 3D printing as accessible and as exciting as it can be and we pride ourselves on providing the solutions needed to make what you are passionate about a reality. To ensure that our vision for 3D printing is well-understood, we offer professional development for teachers to assist them with getting a better understanding of MyStemKits and how to integrate MyStemKits into their students’ learning.

Our professional development sessions, as seen below, are offered through multiple formats and areas of focus to cover everyone’s needs.

Choose a Workshop Format

Three Day

Curriculum + modeling on select lessons

Five Day

Content knowledge + curriculum + modeling on select lessons

Two Week Institute

Content knowledge + independent research investigation + curriculum + modeling on select lessons

Choose an Area of Focus

Available for the grades indicated in parenthesis within each option.

Math (K-2) Math (3-5)
Geometry (K-5) Science (4-5)
Integrated Math/Science + Coding (4-5)
Earth Systems (6-12) Integrated Math/Science (6-8)
Climate (6-12) Algebra (8-12)
Diversity & Ecology (6-12) Statistics (6-12)
Cell Biology (6-12) Integrated Math/Science + Coding (6-8)
Physical Science (6-8)

The quantity of what we offer is substantial but what does that mean for you financially?

Our sessions are crafted to give you the most for your financial commitment. Each session engages 15 teachers per trainer. The cost per teacher is incomparable when configured based on class size. Whether it’s a group of 15 or a group of 30, the individual cost per teacher still equates to the same amount.

If you would like to set up professional development with us, please use the below form to contact us.


Using – one day training – can be independent or add-on to others


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