School Plan

$3,999.99 / year

  • Unlimited printing
  • Up to 8 teachers for 250 students
  • One full year
  • 250 lesson plans and 185 kits

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  • Over 185 kits and over 200 lesson plans that stream directly to your 3D printer – no design skills or downloading required with this cloud-only accessible subscription.
  • Perfect for educators who need classroom manipulatives and standards-driven lessons for their K-12 classrooms.
  • Unlimited printing! You choose the kits – print what, when, and how many you want. Replace missing or broken parts, too.
  • This one-year, School Plan is designed to accommodate 8 different teachers and up to 250 students. To accommodate a larger number of teachers or students, please contact us at
  • With digital curriculum attachments available to review before print, this plan is a great curriculum planning tool.

School Plan Product Description

The MyStemKits library has over 185 Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) kits with model assembly guides and over 200 lesson plans. The kits are ready-to-stream to most 3D printers (supported printer link below). No design or modeling experience is necessary. Many kits have accompanying lessons designed in partnership with the Florida Center for Research in STEM based out of Florida State University. The curriculum team consists of teachers and content experts who design, develop, and test each lesson, aligning them with K-12 NGSS, Common Core and state standards. Kits are grouped by grade and subject, with some of the most popular kits being the Geometry kits, DNA kit, Catapult kit and Wind Farm kit. The School Plan provides unlimited printing for up to 8 teachers and 250 students. Additionally, digital curriculum attachments are viewable before printing. Upon purchase, you will receive admin access credentials to the portal and ability to create accounts for the educators. From the MyStemKits Print Portal, you can browse available kits by either subject or grade and pick the kits that you want to review, print and build. We don’t decide the kits to download – you decide which kits, when and how many you will print. From the portal, the MyStemKits Printer Management Platform makes your experience intuitive and easy. The platform is mobile ready, and allows you to control multiple printers and users from a single dashboard. Prints are preconfigured with print-specific attributes.