Robo E3


A 3D Printer Built for Education: Safe, Smart, and Simple

The Robo E3 education-focused smart 3D printer with Wi-Fi lets you tackle STEM projects and make whatever you can imagine, from your MyStemKits projects and kits to your own creations in the classroom.

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Robo E3 Education 3D Printer- Safe, Smart, and Simple

The Robo E3 new generation smart 3D printer with Wi-Fi is built for classrooms by providing safe, smart, and easy-to-use features — equipped with a fully enclosed structure and HEPA filter for safety.

Robo E3 has an ~6x6x6 inch print size for Educators and Students.

3D printing has never been easier than with the reliable, easy-to-use, smart, Robo E3 3D printer.  The Robo E3 has a quick removable nozzle, heated, removable, and flexible print bed, as well as a touch screen to manage the printer and store up to 1000 3D models. Cloud functionality will allow you to print directly from your Google Chromebook or iPad.

Open source filament system means you can use the Robo E3 to print with 30+ materials from a variety of vendors. With filament run-out detection your print jobs will never fail due to material running out. The Robo E3 will automatically notify you, save your 3D print, and resume when you’re ready with a fresh roll. Includes an onboard camera to easily monitor your projects from our cloud dashboard – it’s simple.

Large print size
Enjoy a spacious ~6” x 6” x 6” print size — perfect for batch printing.

LCD touchscreen
Built-in LCD touchscreen lets you easily launch projects and adjust your printer controls for optimal results as well as store up to 1000 3D models on your device.

Flexible connectivity
Connect Robo E3 to your Wi-Fi or Ethernet. If no internet connection is available, connect using Robo E3’s personal hotspot.

Cloud Printing
Save time by slicing your files directly from Robo E3’s Cloud Printing

Filament run-out detection
Automatically pauses your 3D print and notifies you when you’ve run out of filament, saving you time and money.

Automatic calibration
Spend more time making without having to manually adjust the print bed—plus it’s removable and flexible so prints pop off easily!

Print size
~6 x 6 x 6 inches
150 x 150 x 150 mm

Layer resolution
100–300 microns

Travel speed
Up to 150 mm/s

Nozzle temp
Up to 240°C

Print head
Quick change nozzle

Print bed
Heated, removable, and flexible

Heat bed temp
Up to 75°C

Size (w x h x d)
15.28 x 13.39 x 15.94 inches
388 x 340 x 405 mm

XYZ accuracy
12.5, 12.5, 5 microns

Print speed
Up to 16 mm3/s

Nozzle diameter
0.4 mm nozzle

Print technology
Fused filament fabrication

Print plate leveling tech
Automatic leveling calibration

Robo Cloud
Simply go to on your Google Chromebook or iPad to use Robo Cloud and experience the next level in 3D printing and get more out of everything you make.

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Robo Print
Prepare, manage and monitor your 3D prints from your desktop.

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 425.5 × 603.3 × 421.9 in