Printer Management Platform

The software platform has been designed with ease-of-use in mind. Our industry-leading Printer Management Platform allows one or a network of 3D printers to be supported via central, secured console. The state-of-the art GUI (graphic user interface) is intuitive and easy to follow from any web-supported device. Enjoy the robust support and feature set listed below and you will be glad you are using

Unified Workflow: Easy-to-use interface that works across the majority of 3D Printers. Feel comfortable adding 3D printers, knowing that you won’t have to dedicate time and resources to training admins on a completely different workflow for each printer type.

Pre-configured: All the prints are preconfigured with print-specific attributes.

Direct Streaming: You stream files directly from our platform to your printer. No slicing or other processes required. Our entire 3D printing workflow is secured with our standardized, military grade algorithms.

Multi Printer management: Control multiple 3D printers from a single dashboard.

Intelligent display: Displays products specific to the printers configured so you know exactly how it will print on your printer. Printers with varying bed sizes are accommodated with two size options of ready-to-use part sets.

Intuitive: Simple and user-friendly interface. Search – Select – Print. Responsive, friendly, Mobile ready.

Access Anywhere: Manage and view your printers on the go! Access and control your 3D printers and job queues from anytime, anywhere and from any device.

User management: Add and remove users and check utilization all from a single console.

We are proud to support the majority of the desktop 3D printers available in the world today. We are fully integrated with Robo R2 and C2 3D printers.


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