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Getting the word out about your business can be very demanding but in order to create a buzz and be successful, sometimes you have to do multiple things and be multiple places. On March 1, 2018, presented itself at two different locations at the same time. Sounds like magic huh? It wasn’t.

On March 1st, MyStemKits was represented in two different locations bringing awareness to MyStemKits’ capability and the effects MyStemKits could have on education and how it is presented and taught to students.
MyStemKits’ CEO Laron Walker spoke at the 51st Annual Georgia Tech Basic Economic Development Course which was held in Atlanta at the Global Learning Center on the Georgia Tech University’s campus. At the same time, MyStemKits’ employees Kevin Pratt II and Demond Walker were presenting information to the public at the Atlanta Public Schools Vendors Fair.

Speaking before hundreds of educators and business men/women, Mr. Walker spoke on the effect 3D printing can have on STEM education and he also introduced his newly designed feature Text-To-Print. This feature allows individuals to control their 3D printing experience through a simple text message. Using a volunteer from the audience and a 3D printer, Mr. Walker demonstrated how easy it is to send a message to the printer and have the printer to begin printing.


Meanwhile on the East side of the city, Mr. Pratt and Mr. D. Walker displayed MyStemKits’ to the public at the Atlanta Public Schools Vendors Fair held at Alonzo A. Crim High school. The MyStemKits’ team presented guests with a display of models representing kits offered by MyStemKits. They also discussed and explained the capabilities of how MyStemKits can enhance STEM education and how it can be incorporated into classroom concepts.

Although the team was split between engagements, both events provided them the platform to introduce MyStemKits to a different audience and create potential interests in MyStemKits vison and goals. The MyStemKits team is dedicated to broadening MyStemKits’ reach and ensuring that 3D printed resources are a daily asset to every student’s education. Keep following MyStemKits, you never know, they just may end up in your neighborhood.

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