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MyStemKits prides itself on the relationships it builds with the community and this September, MyStemKits will expand upon that merit.

Teaming up with Florida State University, MyStemKits hosted “Christmas in September” where 500 math and science teachers based in Florida received training through workshops on how to incorporate 3D printed educational kits into their methods of teaching.

The teachers, which represent grades K-12, attended the conference from July to August. The conference, which offered 24 two-week workshops throughout the state, also offered the educators seven different training tracks and six different workshops.

Workshops offered:

  • Statistics in Algebra
  • Cell Bio
  • Diversity and Ecology
  • Earth Systems and Climate
  • Integrated middle school math and science
  • Integrated high school bio

This event, organized to bridge the gap between STEM and education, was initiated to greatly improve the educational experience within the classroom. The integration of 3D printed kits into teaching will bring more curiosity and more excitement to the classroom. To ensure that the teachers that attended the conference were equipped with the tools they needed, MyStemKits provided the 3D printed kits that will be given to the teachers. Each teacher in attendance will receive a set of 9 different 3D printed kits they can use to expose their students to a more hands on way of learning.

Although this event was focused on the teachers, there will also be benefits for their respective schools.

Schools Benefits

500 K-5 math teachers

  • Training
  • Classroom set of MyStemKits Geometry kits. This is 9 kits x 20 of each kit to provide one kit per student = 180 total kits
  • 17,000 pounds of products
  • One-year access to the MyStemKits Geometry Curriculum: full geometry curriculum for K-5

300 secondary math and science teachers:

  • Training
  • MyStemKits subscription for 3D kit printing and curriculum
  • 3D printer and filament
  • Sensors and probe ware based on the topic of the training

Throughout September, 3D printers and 3D educational kits will be shipped to the attendees of the event. MyStemKits expects to bring change to the education of approximately 40,000 students in the state of Florida.

Christmas in September will be the catalyst for bringing 3D education further along into the 21st century by igniting a passion for learning that will transfer from state to state. 3D education will motivate the want to learn and MyStemKits will continue to be a leader in propelling that plight.

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