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If you have ever tried 3D printing multiple copies of an object you understand how tedious this process can become. Well the intuitive minds at have produced a solution that will allow users to define their printing need before they start printing.

The old way of printing an object then reinitiating the printing process to print another copy is the past. MyStemKits has implemented the copy object feature that allows users to command the printer to provide multiple prints of an object at the beginning of the printing process.

The duplication feature is an advance setting available to ENTERPRISE SUBSCRIBERS ONLY that will save users time and effort when producing multiple prints.

The steps to achieving multiple prints are simple…….

Simply navigate to the print page and follow the following:

  1. Uncheck the One-Click Print box.
  2. Then select your printer.
  3. On the following screen select “Copy Object” Copy the object as many times as you want, and it must be the latest object created.

  1. This will copy all parts in that file, whether part sets or individual parts.
  2. Make sure you spread all copied objects out on the build plate so they’re not overlapping and  that they still will fit within your printer’s build plate.
  1. Make sure you click on bed (this ensures the object is on the plate to prevent digging into the plate or printing in the air)
  1. Click next and you will access the print settings make sure that Re-center object before slicing is unchecked.

Multitasking is a gift worth having and MyStemKits has just afforded its users the ability to perform and complete multiple tasks without having to dedicate all their time to focusing on printing. With this addition MyStemKits demonstrates their understanding of efficient time management and once again their actions highlight the enormous value they place upon their consumers.


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