MyStemKits’ Summer Makeover!!

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As times change companies must evolve to provide services that reflect those changes. With a genuine understanding of that concept, has updated its site to address the needs of today’s consumer.
To enhance how users interact with, MyStemKits has added new features that will give users a greater experience.

Newly added features:

1. Access to state standards.


MyStemKits’ new standard feature now allows teachers and educators access to the standards of their respective states as well as the already provided Common Core and NGSS standards. This feature will allow teachers to expand their teaching range.

2. Language Translation is now available in four different languages. Included with English, users can now interact with the site in Spanish, French, and Portuguese.  NOTE: The language translation is computer generated.

3. Classroom uploads/Cloud management

This feature is one of a kind. Users now have the ability to enhance not only their printing experience but also enhance their Makerspaces, Classrooms, and STEM labs. With the implementation of code sharing, users will not only be able to create, upload, and share design files,  but also grant file 3D-printing privileges to “non-account holders”. This feature reduces time and effort, allowing users to easily organize, store, and manage their files and the use of them.

4. Keywords/Filter Expansion

Unsure of a kit’s name or exactly what you are looking for? Well this feature allows the user to insert a keyword and every kit associated with that word will be displayed for the viewer. Also, users will be able to use the expanded filter feature to locate kits by grade, subject, or both.

5. Worry-Free Shopping

MyStemKits’ new streamline process allows users the comfort of purchasing the exact items they need without concern about over or under-purchasing. This feature supports credit card payment and is available to all subscription levels.

6. Account updates

To enhance the users account page, the printer portal has been isolated so that it is strictly for printing. Management of a user’s account has been upgraded, allowing users access to new invoices, the ability to manage preferred payment options, and to renew subscriptions.

MyStemKits commitment to providing a dynamic product as well as excellent service is evident in their efforts to continue being ahead of the curve in producing 3D-printed manipulatives. MyStemKits knows that ensuring the customer’s understanding and satisfaction is important to the longevity of a company’s relevance and will continue to provide up-to-date and advance services to ensure they are around for a long time.

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