MyStemKits Highlight: Model Guides and Curriculum

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This post was created to highlight’s Model Guides and Curriculum that are included to enhance each kit.

MyStemKits Highlight: Model Guides and Curriculum

Hands-on learning manipulatives are great. However, just having a kit isn’t enough. In order to ensure success, also includes Model Guides and Curriculum along with our STEM kits.

Model Guides are our detailed instructions on how to bring life to the models so that enhancing the students’ learning is simple. By including the Model Guides, erases the potential stress of not knowing how to begin creating your model. Each model guide contains a parts list and photographic assembly instructions that are easy to comprehend. This ensures that your model will work first try. More than that, we’ve also created curriculum supplements in some of our model guides, including templates, worksheets, and potential uses. Download a few sample Model Guides below.

Decimal Kit – Model Guide

Multiplication Facts Kit – Sample Objects

Wind Farm Kit – Model Guide

Some assembled kits

Also included with Model Guide is the curriculum associated with our kits. These lesson plans are vetted and standards-aligned. They are written by teachers and content-area experts based out of Florida State University’s FCR-STEM division and are designed to help teach exactly what is required. Each lesson plan is built from the standards gives you the purpose, function, and objective of each kit. Additionally, each lesson features the following parts:

  •     Teacher Guides – includes a Content Review, Standards-alignment and step-by-step procedure.
  •     Student Handouts
  •     Student Assessments

Each lesson plan is carefully crafted to ensure that it is usable, feasible, and fun, as well as scientifically and mathematically accurate. We’ve created a complete end-to-end solution for teachers. For more on the development of the kits and curriculum, check out yesterday’s article: Behind the Scenes – Idea Development. To find out more about what we offer for your specific grade and subject, click on Our Curriculum above to find a break-down!

Examples of the Teacher Guides and Student Guides that make up our curriculum.

No matter which S.T.E.M. topic you’re teaching, our kits, model guides, and curriculum will make integrating hands-on-learning simple, engaging, and fun for you and your students. brings STEM to life and we would love to bring STEM into your lives. To view more of our library of kits, browse by category or grade above.

Ready to bring 3D printing into your school in a meaningful way?

Have a favorite lesson plan that you’ve used? Tell us in the comments!

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