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What does having an online giant like Amazon hosting your product say? It says that the product you have built is respectable and that it is worth the attention of consumers. Well MyStemKits has taking that step. MyStemKits is officially a merchant on

Continuous in their efforts to extend the reach of their platform, MyStemKits has taken another big step in achieving that. Just in time for the holiday season, will host seven packages that MyStemKits’ offers. Ranging from subscriptions for individual students, hobbyists, and teachers to subscriptions tailored for  classrooms, STEM labs, media centers and after-school programs, consumers are guaranteed to find the 3D printing package they desire.

Packages offered on AMAZON

1-year Starter Subscription for Students/Hobbyists

1-year Basic Subscription for Homeschools / Tutors

1-year Premium Subscription for Classrooms, educators, and Camps

1-year Subscription for Small Enterprise1-year Subscription for Mid-Size Enterprise

2-year Subscription Plus Five 3D printers for Mid-Size Enterprise (Bundle with unlimited printing)

2-year Subscription Plus Three 3D Printers for Small Enterprise (Bundle with unlimited printing)

With each of the aforementioned plans you get more than just a bargain. The subscriptions afford the customer the privilege of printing any of the kits they desire but not only will they receive the kit, along with the kits come digital attachments.  Many of the objects being printed become more than a visual, they become an actual teaching tool with lessons and assessments. All curriculum is standard-driven and designed by educational professionals, insuring maximum gain from each lesson. Also, there are two subscription bundles that include printers. These are perfect for anyone who does not initially have a printer.

The  move to become an Amazon seller signifies the seriousness MyStemKits places behind its brandWith Amazon’s skyrocketing  popularity among shoppers, this decision enhances the company’s image and the availability of its products. Being associated with companies such as Synnex, Dremel, Konica Minolta, and now Amazon builds trust among consumers. Knowing that MyStemKits is connecting with other companies that are leaders within their own fields gives consumers confidence in MyStemKits ability to provide quality products.


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