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Cartographers: Our guides across the world.

What is Cartography? What importance does it play in our lives? Good questions! Come along as we introduce you to the intricate world of Cartography.

Cartography is the science of drawing maps and this science is important because it assists us with operations we perform such as traveling, land surveying, space exploration, and sea exploration just to name a few. The individuals who possess the knowledge and talent to produce the maps we need are called Cartographers.


Cartographers have various duties. One duty they have is to create user-friendly maps. To produce these maps, Cartographers collect data and then design the maps to reflect the data collected. These types of maps can be used to show assorted data and their variations, including rain consumption, temperature, population statistics, and more.

Cartographers also have to compile data from observing aerial photographs and satellite images


Aerial view

Satellite view

Another duty Cartographers perform is preparing maps in digital or graphic form for environmental and educational purposes.

Digital mapping


Graphic Mapping


Lastly, Cartographers are responsible for updating maps to make sure they reflect all current changes.

Ptolemy’s World Map


Current World Map



The demand for Cartography is very high. US News rates Cartographer #3 on its Best Engineering Jobs list and #17 on its list of top S.T.E.M jobs. According to the Cartographic and Geographic Information Society, Cartographers are needed on all levels, whether it is on the federal level or in the private sector, they are wanted.

Below are a few from their list of federal agencies that offer cartography-related careers as well as private sector occupations.

Federal Agencies

  • National Park Services
  • U.S Geological Survey
  • U.S Forrest Service
  • Bureau of Land management
  • Environmental Protection Agency

Private sector occupations

  • Data Base Analyst
  • Data Publisher
  • Computer Mapping Technician
  • Application Programmer
  • Senior GIS Analyst

Here at, we have a variety of kits that would spark the continuous interest in any child looking to explore and excel in the field of Cartography. Each kit provides the tools and curriculum to produce more than just a learning experience.

Below are a few samples of kits that we associate with mapping and geographical design.

Continents Kit – Integrated kit where Earth science meets Geography. Also allows students to see ocean currents in action by placing in shallow water and adding an artificial jet stream. –  View kit here.

Pangaea Kit – Geographical kit that displays the relationship between ancient Pangaea and modern continents – View kit here.

Ocean Current Kit – Students are able to investigate ocean currents – View kit here.

Ocean Topography Mapping Kit – Allows students to use 6 unique ocean landforms to map the ocean floors the way an oceanographer would – View kit here.

With the advancement in the technologies needed to produce maps, Cartography will remain a demanding field and we at will continue to support the craft and continue to create learning tools that will build the foundation upon which future Cartographers will stand.

Cartographer is #17 on US News & World Report Top STEM Jobs of 2017 

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