MyStemKits’ CEO Laron Walker Talks STEM education on Atlanta Tech Edge

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On Sunday, November 5th, MyStemKits’ CEO Laron Walker was featured on Atlanta Tech Edge and discussed MyStemkits’ vision for 3D printed STEM education and MyStemKits’ purpose for producing it.

Cara Kneer, the host of Atlanta’s Tech Edge, opened the interview by sharing her thoughts on about the MyStemKits concept; “I think this is a genius product, a genius development and you must sleep very well at night because it’s also bringing so much good to our communities.” As the interview continued Mrs. Kneer became more impressed with the CEO’s comments where at one point, after Mr. Walker described the Catapult Kits, she applauded him.

Ball Bearing catapult Kit                                                                                          Pencil catapult Kit


Throughout the interview Mr. Walker discussed the importance of STEM education for our youth, how MyStemKits enhances learning in the classroom, MyStemKits affordability, and the future of MyStemKits in the community. By giving very clear and detailed responses to the host’s questions, Mr. Walker’s engagement allowed the viewers as well as the host, to get a better understanding of the intricacies of MyStemKits.

MyStemKits’ highlight on Atlanta’s Tech Edge allowed the company to extend its brand to a broader audience and it announced to the technological community that MyStemKits is a company to watch. Keep your eyes on MyStemKits, in 2018 they are guaranteed to bring more excitement to STEM education.

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