MyStemKits and Tinkercad: Pushing the envelope of STEAM education.

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MyStemKits, a developer of K-12 curriculum and standard driven instructions and 3D-printed manipulatives has formed a dynamic relationship with Autodesk Tinkercad, a popular and easy to use browser based 3D design and modeling tool. Together both companies have created a program that will incorporate into MyStemKits’ lesson plans. Developing this program will allow students to become designers and engineers as they tackle real-world, problem-based scenarios and test their solutions by 3D-printing their designs.

MyStemKits and Autodesk Tinkercad display at the California STEAM Symposium

The program, in its pilot stage, involves two models and lessons from the MyStemKits catalog.  Featured are the Wind Farm Kit with corresponding middle school lesson plan and the Boats Kit with its corresponding high school lesson plan “Carrying Cargo.” With each lesson plan students are given multiple designs to test, the challenge is for them to design a better solution to solve given scenarios. Both lesson plans are freely available on Tinkercad and Instructables and they both provide a solid foundation for the student’s future.

Kids preparing to race boats using MyStemKits’ Boats Kit      

The union of MyStemKits and Autodesk Tinkercad is beneficial for both parties. Tinkercad’s design software is already a ….. in schools around the world and with the addition of MyStemKits’ lesson plans, students are creating design as part of a vetted curriculum. The combination of 3D printers and Tinkercad software directly impacts the way math and science teachers make both subjects relatable to their students.

MyStemKits’ CEO Laron Walker said it best when he stated, “We want young people to get excited about advancing technology and we believe that hands-on learning is the best way to accomplish engagement and retention.” MyStemKits and Tinkercad are well on their way on to revolutionizing STEM education and 3D printing.


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