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Have you ever introduced yourself to a giant? Well on March 21st, 2018, MyStemKits did just that. Invited to be a part of Microsoft’s 27th Annual Black Minority Student Day affair, MyStemKits introduced itself to the atmospheric world of Microsoft and their guest of over 150 students.

Held at Microsoft’s office in Alpharetta, Georgia, the event featured breakout sessions led by Mr. Bill Pierson (Microsoft Technology Center), Mr. Craig King (The Art of Collaboration “Music=Microsoft”), and MyStemKits’ own Mr. Laron Walker (Building Entrepreneurs).

Charged with the task of hosting 3 sessions, the MyStemKits engaged the students by making them a part of the presentation. Split up into teams, each team was presented with the challenge of using MyStemKits’ Ball Bearing Catapult Kit to launch projectiles and record data based on the projectile’s weight and distance travelled. Each group was provided a Microsoft Surface to capture their data for the visual presentation of their test results.


The exercise, designed to display the interactive effect 3D printed manipulatives have on learning in the classroom, influenced other factors such as teamwork and communication. The students, 11th and 12th graders, genuinely enjoyed the experience, many amazed at their results and how their initial perception of the kit provided was changed by the end of their presentations.

                                                                                            Student’s data entered into the Microsoft Surface to create tables and graphs

The experience at Microsoft was for MyStemKits, another avenue of exposure to an audience that may not have ever come into contact with MyStemKits. Not only was the event a plus for MyStemKits, but it was a win-win situation for the students as well. They got a chance to not only learn about becoming an entrepreneur but they also got the chance to experience hands on the difference MyStemKits can make on the teaching of STEM education. From out of the mouth of babes, the education world will recognize MyStemKits’ appeal and presence.

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