MyStemKits Professional Development Workshop at Mercer STEM Con 2018

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MyStemKits identifies a question that many are not willing to define concretely when embracing the technology of the future. What is your vision for embracing 3D-printing in the education sector? Often as eager evangelists of education we are anxious to get new technology in front of our students before defining how exactly the students will apply the technology.
MyStemKits had the pleasure of addressing this concern at Mercer University STEM Con 2018. This year, the focus was on practice and hands-on activities in STEM alignment with national standards in science education and with needs expressed by STEM employers. We pride ourselves on being able to present at conferences that provide a platform, where we can speak to our passion and the core of our value proposition.

Our Channel Manager, Kevin Pratt II, spoke with teachers during the morning session while team member, Evan McCullough, interacted with guests at our booth. The first major highlight was the versatility of our platform, while Evan demonstrated 3D-printing STEM kits using a Dremel 3D40 at our exhibitor booth. Kevin used the Flashforge 3D-printer for the professional development session, a 3D-printer currently being used at Mercer University.

During the session, Kevin enjoyed answering educators’ questions. He demonstrated how teachers can use our platform with ease and as an integral solution, matching a vision that embraces 3dprinting with Next Generation Science Standards, State Standards and Common Core Standards. Through this discourse, he elaborated on how the design process is streamlined with real feedback that has been tested in the classroom numerous times before implementation. In addition, to conducting a live print from our site, he let educators feel, observe and compare our kits as they were passed around amongst attendees.

Mercer STEM Con 2018 was certainly an exciting day of professional development for Metro-Atlanta Educators! If you are interested in your own personal development session and understanding how to define your vision for 3D-printing, please visit our Professional Development Page.

Program Session Abstract: is dedicated to equipping today’s students with the skills needed in tomorrow’s workforce. A team of educators, innovators, parents, and technology specialists, MyStemKits is committed to making affordable, quality education available to all by using some of the most cutting-edge technology available; redefining 3D printing and giving it a clear use purpose in the math and science classroom by providing educators with the tools they need to succeed. With the most comprehensive STEM solution in the market, whether teaching in a traditional classroom, guiding children during homeschooling, coordinating an afterschool program, or running a STEM camp, MyStemKits is lowering barriers and raising potentials.

Presenters Biography:
Mr. Kevin Pratt, II is a native of Washington, DC born to the late Kevin Pratt, Sr. and Deborah Pratt. Since his migration to Georgia in 1996, Kevin has resided in Gwinnett County. Career experiences for Kevin include twenty-seven years in the Telecom Industry from Boston, MA to Atlanta, GA. Kevin has a Bachelor of Science Management with Cum Laude Honors and a Master of Organizational Leadership from Shorter University. Currently, as the Channel Manager for, Kevin is responsible for overseeing product demand and customer awareness as well as developing pricing strategies and coordinating marketing campaigns with sales activities. He also manages distributor relationships and coordinates training with sales and distribution partners.

About the Conference:

Since 2016, Mercer University has sponsored this STEM Conference to bring together educators from across the metropolitan Atlanta region to share ideas on integrating science, technology, engineering and mathematics to better serve students we all teach.

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