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Today we introduce you to a very special partner of ours. This partner allows us to take our STEM kits to a level that not only brings life to our creations but also allows us to ignite excitement inside our youth. Today we introduce you to…Mantis Stem.

Mantis Stem is a product line created by Hip Science LLC, an embedded sensor company in Atlanta, GA. Hip Science specializes in custom electronics and sensors designed for the hobbyist in mind. The Mantis Stem line includes a variety of sensors that communicate with other devices through Bluetooth and possess the capability of being embedded with other objects to produce some really cool technology. This is where our partnership blossoms. By incorporating Mantis Stem’s sensors with our 3D STEM kits and curriculum, students get to experience exciting technology as well as hands-on learning. These sensors allow students to collect and gather data accurately, reliably, and easily. Which means they can spend more time analyzing and interpreting the data.

Check out Mantis Stem’s sensors below and how we integrate them with our 3D printed kits and curriculum!

Force Motion Sensor:



  • (3-Axis Accelerometer, 3-Axis Gyroscope)
  • Selectable sensitivity from 2G to 16G acceleration
  • Selectable sensitivity from 250dps to 2000dps
  • 16 Bit Resolution @ 1kHz Data Rate


  • 16 Bit Resolution suitable for a broad range of commercially available load cells.


  • Built in Altimeter for Relative Altitude Measurements



  • USB CHARGER PORTChargeable with any cell phone rated power module.
  • STRAIN GAUGE INTERFACESupports two wire strain gauges and load cells for scalar force/pressure measurements.
  • IO EXPANSION PORTSSupports GPS and other digital accessories for expanded lesson plans to include tracking applications and wayward navigation.

How is integrating the Force Motion Sensor:

Wide Meter Stick Ramp Kit – Get your students rolling with this adjustable ramp complete with multi-angle transition pieces that allow for smooth motion from the ramp to the ground! Mantis STEM has even built a cart specific to our Wide Meter Stick Ramp which holds the Force Motion Sensor. 3D Print here.

Angular Momentum Kit – This model allows for a visual-spatial exploration of torque and the relationship of mass distribution and rotational motion. Featuring a quick-release pushing mechanism, students can easily generate consistent data across repeated trials. Integrate the Mantis STEM Force Motion Sensor for more accurate data collection. 3D Print here.


Climate Sensor:


  • High Accuracy Temperature
  • Digital Output Barometer
  • Relative Humidity
  • UV & Visible Light Sensors
  • Measures Dew Point
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery


  • USB Charger Port
    Chargeable with any cell phone rated power module.
  • Humidity / Temperature
    Relative Humidity (12 Bit Resolution) with accuracy to ( +2%RH). Ambient Temperature Sensors(14 Bit Resolution) with accuracy to (+0.3C)
  • Visible Light Sensor
    Light Source Independent (400nm to 800nm)
  • UV Sensor
    Spectral Response (300nm to 380nm)

How is integrating the Climate Sensor:

Albedo Effect Kit – Utilizing the Mantis Climate Sensor, students will be able to explore reflection and absorption of solar radiation by a variety of objects under variable lighting conditions. 3D print here.

Mantis Stem has over 15 years of experience in the aerospace industry. Along with its collection of sensors they also provide a versatile and extensive collection of open-source probes and accessories to collect, store, and display experiment data, whether as part of a curriculum or DIY project. Their Bluetooth-enabled smart devices support STEM based activities on development platforms to include IOS and Windows devices.

Though it is not combined with any 3D STEM kits, Mantis Stem also created the Sensor Wand. The Sensor Wand acts as a hub for probes that assist with collecting data regarding temperature, pH, conductivity, and turbidity. Here are some more details about the Sensor Wand.

 Sensor wand:


  • Analog Frontend includes support for pH and the Mantis ACU Temp Probe in addition to generic off the shelf sensors with a dedicated breakout cable (i.e. Pasco Temperature Probe).
  • Digital IO Port for seamless interface to our other accessory probes like Conductivity, Soil Moisture and the Mantis DMM.
  • Dedicated Standalone Vernier Analog Sensor Port with Auto Identification for several Vernier Probes. Display Sensor Data using our free MANTIS Sensor App.
  • BIO-Finger Scan Sensor (some models) for use as a Pulse Oximeter and Non-Contact Temperature Sensor
  • USB Charge mini USB port used for charging
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Connectivity for seamless data collection via a connection to Smart Phones, Tablets, and Google Chrome Book.



Need to connect to a Raspberry PI or Arduino? We got you covered with the digital expansion port! Capable of commanding all sensor ports.


Thermopile (16-Bit Resolution) along with IR/VS light transceivers combine for a sensor capable of Pulse Oximetry and Surface temperature measurements.


Vernier Analog Sensors Input. Use any Vernier Sensor that conforms to the BTA connector. Display and record sensor data using our free and Open Source MANTIS Sensor App.


Interface to any analog sensor like RTDs/NTCs while accommodating a pH probe and high accuracy temperature sensor.

As you can see, MyStemKits and Mantis Stem are the perfect combination. With this partnership you get innovative ideas, progressive technology, advanced education, and a world of fun. To join us on our journey to enhance STEM education, visit our partner at .

Which of these sensors are you most excited to integrate into your classroom?
Tell us in the comments!

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