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Today we’d like to introduce you to our 3D printer partner. We’re very excited about the work we’re doing together.
But first, some background on who Dremel is.

Dremel, a division of Bosch, was founded in 1932 by Albert J Dremel. In 1993, the Dremel Company was purchased by Robert Bosch. Dremel, an American brand of power tools, is primarily known for its rotary tools. They began producing 3D printers in 2014. Their first printer, the Idea Builder became the first 3D printer to be released by a major tool manufacturer. Dremel’s goal was to expose 3D printing to a different range of users. To make 3D printing accessible to the masses, they were able to get their printer to be carried by companies such as Home Depot, Amazon, and Canadian Tire. This ensured that a once-niche product was now readily available to the general public.

Moreover, Dremel’s 3D printers were designed to be very consumer friendly. From their full-colored touch-screen panel to their fully-enclosed build area (ideal for safety), their high-resolution prints, and their removable build platform, it is clear that their product was designed for the everyday consumer. Between 2014 and now, Dremel has produced an extended version of the Idea Builder. Their catalogue now includes the original Idea Builder 3D20 and the Idea Builder 3D40.

 Dremel’s 3D40 3D printer Dremel’s 3D20 3D print

In 2015, Dremel decided they specifically wanted to focus on reaching the education market. Their printers were already optimized for that environment, but they needed something more. That’s where we come in. Since then, Dremel and have been in a partnership to bring S.T.E.M education and 3D printing to the masses. By creating this union, Dremel and will define the standards for integrating 3D printing into S.T.E.M education.

How are we doing this? is offering a limited selection of our kits to anyone with a Dremel 3D Idea Builder. These kits have been optimized specifically for printing on the Idea Builder and all come backed with our vetted curriculum. This means anyone who purchases Dremels education packages for either of the Idea Builders are able to print and use 10 of our kits as much as they want. Moreover, our partnership allows us to optimize all of our designs for the Idea Builder and to create files specific to that printer with confidence that it will work consistently.

DREMEL 3D Kit and Curriculum Selection:

  1. Pencil Catapult Kit – Ready, Aim, Fire! (Physical Science 6-12)
  2. Loaded Dice Kit – Roll Dice (Math 6-8)
  3. Pythagorean Proof Kit – Pythagorean Proof Area (Math 6-8)
  4. Ballista/Force Generator Kit – Bivariate Data (Math 8-12)
  5. Punnett Square Dice (Gg) Kit – Monohybrid Cross Simulation (Life Science 6-8)
  6. Pencil Quadrat Kit – Statistical Quadrat Samplings (Math 6-8)
    • With Moth Kit: Moth Selection (Life Science 6-8)
  7. Moth Kit – Moth Selection (Life Science 6-8)
  8. Measuring Precision Kit – Ruler Rules (Nature of Science/Math 9-12)
  9. Coriolis Effect Kit – The Coriolis Effect (Nature of Science 6-8)
  10. Cell Transformation Kit – Bioengineering (Life Science 6-8)

Together we hope to inspire the revolution that will propel America’s role as a leader in S.T.E.M. education and technology by challenging the 3D manipulatives market. For more information on the Dremel printers and their education packages, click the links below:

Dremel 3D20 Dremel 3D40

If you have already purchased one of their educational packages, check out this video on how to access and use the curriculum!

Ready to bring 3D printing into your school in a meaningful way?


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