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MyStemKits brings affordable, quality education to the classroom with the click of a button. Our easy-to-use website powers plug and play 3D printing to create an end-to-end STEM solution. Simply provide the 3D printer, a computer, and the material to print with and we’ll take care of the rest.

  1. Create an account and log-in
  2. Register your 3D printer (once per printer only)
  3. Search by Grade, Subject, or Keyword
  4. Select the kit you’d like to 3D print
  5. Click “3D Print” on the pre-designed part sets optimized for both large and small printers
  6. Select your 3D printer
  7. Your 3D printer will begin printing the kit you selected!
  8. Finally, download any curriculum associated with the kit and you’re all set!

Our website handles all of the behind-the-scenes steps so you don’t have to. Users must simply ready their 3D printer, select the kit they’d like to print from our website, and we take care of the rest. processes the three-dimensional design selected into the stacked two-dimensional layers and tells the 3D printer how to move about to create the object according to pre-set settings (don’t worry, you can adjust them if you want to), all with the click of a button.

So do you want access to the largest catalogue of 3D printable STEM kits designed for education?

Follow me as I explain where to start and what to do. I will go over how to navigate the site, how to purchase a subscription, and answer some common questions.

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