Funding Your Needs: Creating a Donation Request Page

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Funding your needs: Creating a Donor Page

Do like what MyStemKits has to offer? Would you like to subscribe but you lack the funds? Well today we’re going to share with you how to generate your own funding by creating your own donation request page.

The first step to starting your campaign is creating the narrative. Your goal here is to describe to the public in great detail what your needs are, who is in need, and how providing that need will enhance the current and future state of the people you are aiming to help. Description is key, your audience must be able to vividly visualize your words. Individuals who connect with a mission are more likely to support the efforts of that mission. Do not shy away from mentioning the poverty statistics of your classroom or school, as an example.

Ex: I am seeking assistance with purchasing STEM based educational tools that will help me prepare my students for a future in technological fields. The students that will benefit from your generosity are kids ages 5 to 18, who do not have access to adequate housing and education. These kids lack the basic needs to achieve success in the 21st century.

Secondly, your focus has to be clearly stated. People are very cautious on what they give their money to so making sure that they understand what is being provided and the expected results you are aiming to achieve.

Ex: This year we are focused on providing hands-on STEM education to students who typically are not exposed to experience learning by making our own 3D printed manipulatives for use in our classroom. Having access to these 3D printed manipulatives and standards-driven lessons will give my students the hands-on experience needed to motivate their interest in STEM based occupations and will also help develop the critical thinking skills they will need to be successful in STEM in those fields.

Lastly, being transparent with how the donations will be spent is essential to the success of your campaign. To ensure that you receive maximum reception give detail information that exactly represents your intentions with the finances you will be receiving.  Provide the details of the kits and the subscription plan you intend to purchase with the donated funds.  This is also a good place to call out any differentiators – Give an example of the cost comparison advantage of printing your own kit vs buying a ready-made kit. We offer some examples in our Cost Comparison Guide. Another differentiator is that with a ready-made kit, students are not involved in manufacturing and constructing the kit. The fact that a student has a vested interest in making the kit improves their overall interest in the lesson and manipulative, as attested to by teachers involved with MyStemKits.

Where Your Donation Goes


  • Animal Attributes Kit                                                                                 
  • Darwin’s Finches Kit                                                                           
  • Ball Bearing Catapult Kit
  • Basic Shapes Circles Kit                                                              
  • Boats Kit                                                                             


  • Albedo Effect Kit 
  • Decomposing Shapes Kit
  • Density Cubes Kit
  • Ocean Current Beads Kit 
  • Planetary Temperatures Kit 


  • Cell Transformation Kit 
  • Chromatin Kit
  • Water Filtration Kit
  • Glucose Isomer Kit
  • Pedigree Tree Kit

** Above is a sampling.  Be sure to list all kits you intend to use so that they can appreciate the value of their investment.  To find all the kits that apply to your subject / grade, you can look through the kit gallery.

Elementary                                       Middle School                                  High School

Benefits of purchasing a MyStemKits’ subscription.

  • The 3D printed kits shown include model guides for assembly along with curriculum and lesson plans.
  • The lesson plans are tied to standards. (ex: NGSS, Common Core)
  • The kits are reusable as many times as we need them.
  • The kits can be reprinted as long as our subscription is active and has points available.
  • If a part gets missing or broken we do not have to replace the entire kit we can just reprint the piece that is missing.

Subscription Packages

Starter – $240/year                                                                                                                                                                $22/month                                                                   

  • Up to 3 Standard kit prints/ month
  • 18 points per month
  • Rollover & transfer points
  • Ability to purchase additional points

Basic – $800/year                                                                                                                                                                    $74/month

  • Up to 14 Standard kit prints/ month
  • 70 points per month
  • Rollover & transfer points
  • Ability to purchase additional points

Premium – $1500/year                                                                                                                                           $138/month

  • Up to 28 Standard kit prints/ month
  • 144 points per month
  • Rollover & transfer points
  • Ability to purchase additional points

Additional tools needed along with the MyStemKits subscription:

  1. 3D printer (if printer is not available) – $350
  2. Kapton Tape – $5
  3. Painter’s Tape – $5
  4. Build Talk –
  5. Hair Spray – $4
  6. Clam Knife – $6
  7. Scraper/Putty Knife – $4
  8. Needle Nose Pliers – $6
  9. Wire Cutters – $4
  10. Tape – $2
  11. Permanent Marker – $2
  12. Sandpaper – $5
  13. Allen Wrench Set – $15
  14. Screwdriver – $5
  15. Paperclip – $2
  16. Lighter – $1
  17. Bristle(wire) Brush – $4
  18. Grease – $5
  19. Paper – $3

Transparency is the key to maximizing the potential of your donations. So, if MyStemKits is what you want or need, here is the blueprint to building your campaign for acquiring the funds you need to achieve your goal.

If you post a MyStemKits campaign to Donors Choose or any other funding request site, please let us know so that we can help you broadcast your need.   We wish you the best of luck with your campaigns and look forward to welcoming you as a member of

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