Connecting to MyStemKits Using a Raspberry Pi

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The following procedure outlines how to connect your printer to MyStemKits using a Raspberry Pi. This is a great way to do it if you don’t have admin rights on your computer and don’t have one of our token-based printers (Robo, Dremel).

1 | Download and install Win32Disk Imager (or a comparable software if you are on a Mac instead of a PC):

2 | Sign in to and go to start a print.At the bottom under Raspberry Pi Image, click “Generate” 

This typically takes 2-5 minutes. While it’s generating,

3 | Take the Mini SD card from the Raspberry Pi and insert it into your computer. You may need to use the adapter. (I believe the Pis come with one.)

4 | For safety, unplug any other external drives or USBs plugged into your computer to make sure you’re only rewriting the one for the Pi.

5 | In Win32Disk Imager, under “Device” choose the port with the mini SD card. (If you’ve removed all other drives, there should only be one option.)

6 | By now, your Pi Image should be ready. Download it. 

7 | Save it to a location on your computer where you know where to find it.Right click and select “Extract All” 

8 | In Win32 Disk Imager, browse for the extracted Image file and click “Open.” 

9 | Click “Write”When complete, return the mini SD card to the Raspberry Pi and plug it in.

10 | Connect an Ethernet cable to the Pi for internet and the USB cable from the printer to the Pi.

Your printer should now show up in MyStemKits when you go to print. 

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