MyStemKits’ Summer Makeover!!

As times change companies must evolve to provide services that reflect those changes. With a genuine understanding of that concept, has updated its site to address the needs of [...]

MyStemKits’ Time2Give Inspiration.

In the spirit of continuing their community involvement MyStemKits partnered with Time2Give and created a grant that provided STEM Labs to an elementary, middle, high School, and an extended day [...]

Konica Minolta build dreams

Konica Minolta, a partner of MyStemKits, implemented its first 3D innovation contest. On May 8th, 2018, Konica Minolta awarded ten contestants a dream package. [...]

M&M: Microsoft meets MyStemKits

Have you ever introduced yourself to a giant? Well on March 21st, 2018, MyStemKits did just that. Invited to be a part of Microsoft’s 27th Annual Black Minority Student Day affair, MyStemKits [...]

MyStemKits Goes Amazon!

What does having an online giant like Amazon hosting your product say? It says that the product you have built is respectable and that it is worth the attention of consumers. Well MyStemKits has [...]

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