Ok! So, you’ve got your printer, your filament, and your model, also your computer is set up. What else do you need to have a successful print? Below we will introduce you to a list of tools that [...]

3D Printing and Everyday Objects

When you think of 3D printing you often picture completed designs produced entirely by a 3D printer and its filament. Actually, there are numerous everyday items that are used to assist with the [...]

3D Printing Filament Comparison

What is 3D filament? Good question! 3D filament is the material 3D printers use to print your objects. With the growth of 3D printers also comes the growth in filament variations. Deciding what [...]

When Good Printers go Bad!!

You know that feeling. You’re excited to print. You’ve got your model design ready, you’ve performed your pre-inspection making sure everything is clean and leveled, and you’re ready to print. [...]

3D printing Myths

“So if I want to 3D print this cup I can just take a picture with my phone and then the printer can print it, right?” Would be nice but actually it doesn’t work like that. The composition of a 3D [...]