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There are many vital positions to operating a successful company. One of those vital positions is that of the business operations manager. Any successful organization must have the right leader in place to ensure that both the company’s goals and expectations are fulfilled. This week we highlight business operations managers.

Business operations managers are called on to improve an operation’s effectiveness. They achieve this by streamlining the business’s work processes and procedures. They also improve the transfer of information between various internal departments so that they might work more efficiently together. By playing a role in the company’s strategic planning, and aligning strategies with internal resources, business operations managers help facilitate the company’s overall goals. Business operations managers play a major role in cost-based management practices and the financial management of the company. They oversee and develop annual budgets alongside the department heads and they often work side by side with the finance department to ensure that budgets are maintained and adhered to. They are the ultimate liaison between internal departments, and must therefore provide a work environment that maximizes each employee’s full capabilities. From resolving internal conflicts to hiring new employees and providing them with a complete overview of their path within the organization, business operations managers are vital to the success of a corporation one employee at a time. A large part of their responsibilities includes inventory and supply chain management, as well as managing a company’s logistics requirements. This portion of their job that is often viewed as the most-important part. They must reduce production costs all the while delivering the product to customers in a cost-efficient manner. The position of business operations manager can be very demanding. Below are a few of the qualities they must possess:

  • Able to multi-task
  • Lead multiple cross-functional project teams
  • Control cost and improve service
  • Redesign business operations
  • Maintain business efficiency
  • Plan strategically
  • Maintain effective production of company’s services

The territory comes with a lot of responsibilities because business operations managers are in charge of many aspects of a business’s functions. As such, they are often well compensated for their performance. Another benefit is that operations managers tend to have solid career advancement opportunities both within and beyond their organizations. Based on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report, job opportunities for general and operations managers were expected to increase 7% percent from 2014-2024. This range is within the average of all other occupations.  Management is a very demanding position and MyStemKits is doing everything we possibly can to provide our future managers with the tools necessary to manage corporations’ needs. Check out our kits that are associated with the field of operations managers.

Balancing Currency Kit
Reinforce the understanding of the value of coins and currency with this innovative kit. Use specially-weighted coins on our balance to allow students to explore the value of combinations of coins and/or dollars

Lionfish Kit
Although useful for a variety of subjects, we chose to highlight this kit on the merits of a lesson plan that accompanies it. This kit correlates to a Model Eliciting Activity, or MEA, which uses real-world scenarios to force the students to develop processes for solving problems in an ever-changing environment. This problem-based approached forces student to arise to unexpected challenges, develop solutions when there is no one right answer, and think out of the box to come to the best solution possible given limited data. Such life-long skills translate well into the ever-evolving scenarios faced by business operations managers.

Operations manager is #20 on US News Top 25 STEM Jobs.

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