The Benefits: Why choose 3D printing?

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3D printing allows for control of both what’s going on inside and outside of the model. This can allow for some really intricate models as well as some never-before-seen models.

Density-controlled pieces create this self-orienting phospholipid bilayer in our Cell Membrane Kit

In addition to accessing one-of-a-kind models, 3D printing also allows users to get hands-on models of hard-to-access objects, such as scale replicas of Darwin’s finches.

Students get hands-on experience measuring with our Darwin’s Finches Kit

Finally, 3D printing has a lot of cost-savings to offer to users.

Check out our blog post 3D Printing vs. Purchasing – A Cost-Comparison to find out just how much you can save by 3D printing your manipulatives rather than buying from a traditional manufacturer! As an example, our Hominid Species and Tools Kit costs approximately $23 factoring in a subscription and the filament cost. To purchase a comparable set of skulls from a traditional manufacturer costs $1500.00 before tax and shipping.

Worried about the cost of the 3D printer?

Don’t be! There are 3D printers available for as little as $300 that are compatible with our website! Learn more on our Choosing the Right 3D Printer blog post.

Or, click here to see the complete list of supported printers.

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