About us

We are a team of educators, innovators, parents, and technology specialists dedicated to making affordable, quality education available for all. And we’re doing it using some of the most cutting-edge technology available. We’re redefining 3D printing and giving it a clear use and purpose in the math and science classroom by providing educators with the tools they need to succeed. Finally, the tool needed to incorporate 3D printing into classrooms!

Since 2013, we have researched and developed this program and are proud to offer an unparalleled collection containing hundreds of lesson plans and manipulatives so that we have something for everyone. We have the most comprehensive STEM solution in the market.

Whether you’re teaching in a traditional classroom, guiding your children during homeschool, coordinating an afterschool program, or running a STEM camp, our collection is bound to impress. Our low cost to entry allows us to make this platform affordable to the masses. We’re lowering barriers and raising potentials.

Below we highlight a few important features of our platform:

  • Curriculum: Not an afterthought, our kits and curriculum are developed concurrently and are focused on the standards, so that they directly address exactly what you are required to teach. Visit our curriculum page to get an idea of the caliber of our lesson plans.
  • Affordable: We have intentionally priced our offering so that everyone can afford it. Our subscriptions are flexible and grant you access to an ever-growing library of manipulatives so you can print exactly what you need when you need it without having to file for additional funding.
  • Accessible: We have developed our technology so that it is web based, completely integrated with Robo 3D printers, works with a majority of other 3D printers, and in most cases does not require external software.
  • Engaging: Our kits turn common classroom supplies into interactive manipulatives that student and teachers both enjoy using in the classroom.
  • Integrated: A lot of companies say “STEM” but they mean “math” or “science.” MyStemKits, however, focuses on integrating cross-curricular themes into our lesson plans to create more authentic and meaningful learning experiences. Our research-based lessons highlight real-world problems and promote deep conceptual understanding.
  • Modular: Many of our kits are designed to be multi-purpose and many of our parts are intentionally shared between kits to save you time and money.
  • Easy: Unbox your printer, sign into our website and start printing!  Whether you have one printer, or one hundred, you can be printing in a little as 5 minutes.  It’s so easy, a two year could do it!
  • Printers: We support over 50 3D printers – completely integrated with Robo R2 and C2 3D printers. We offer a universal printing workflow, regardless of your printer choice.
  • Support: We strive to create a user-friendly website and are proud to provide top-notch customer support to make certain you’re more than pleased with our products.

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