We make it easy to incorporate STEM Learning + 3D printing the right way.

MyStemKits develops K-12 curriculum for standards-driven instruction and 3D-printable manipulatives to create an end-to-end STEM solution. Our focus on real-world, hands-on learning has been designed to promote deep conceptual understanding so students are equipped to succeed in the 21st century.

K TO 5
Helping students get off to a good start is vital to ensuring their success throughout their early learning and beyond. Our elementary curriculum is focused on building a solid foundation for the concepts and principles that will be expanded upon and explored in higher grades.
6 TO 8
The transition years between elementary and high school are critical to generating and sustaining interest in the STEM fields. We've created a wide range of lesson plans across a variety of subject-matters to ensure that students are getting hands-on, engaging learning experiences in all their STEM classes.
9 TO 12
The high school years are imperative in building skills and solidifying concepts students will need when they transition to either higher education or the work force. This part of the curriculum helps students solve problems that don't have just one correct answer, and adapt to a rapidly-changing environment.
Informal education environments such as camps, libraries, and afterschool programs provide the opportunity for students to experience the fun of STEM outside the classroom. Many of our kits have been designed as open-ended learning experiences for students to explore.
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Stem education made simple


Why MyStemKits?

We are the world’s largest library of 3D printable kits and curriculum designed specifically for K-12 STEM education. Our models are all tested across multiple types of 3D printers and vetted by teachers and content-area experts before ever coming to you. Our curriculum is research based and aligned to NGSS and Common Core standards. All our kits are designed with the national standards in mind, which allows for many schools to use our platform right out of the box. These standards-driven kits and curriculum provide a turnkey STEM Solution that is easy to use for educators and students.

What you get

A subscription to our platform allows users to stream 3D models directly to their local 3D printers and download and use curriculum that goes along with it, with “one-click printing.” Featuring kits for all Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S.T.E.M.) subjects in grades Kindergarten through High School, we offer something for everyone.



3D Printed Manipulatives

    • Research and Problem-based
    • Standards-Driven
    • Classroom Tested
    • Developed by Experts
    • By Teachers for Teachers
  • Truly Interdisciplinary STEM Learning
    • Create On-Demand
    • Save Money
    • Access to One-of-a-Kind Models
    • Cutting Edge Technology
    • Build Right in the Classroom
  • Print Replacement Parts


100% Ready for You

Built in PDF curriculum content (including teacher guides and student assessments) that you can download, print, and use as well as one-click printable 3D models — together, these combine to give you everything you need to incorporate STEM in the classroom.

One Click Printable 3D models

Each complete lesson has 3D printable models associated with teaching the lesson. Set up your compatible 3D printer, choose the model you want to print, and click print. It streams directly to your 3D printer- no complicated software to learn.

Math, Science, and STEM Focused

Deepen your students’ understanding of popular topics and subjects within Math and Science using 3D printing and student follow along worksheets.

Classroom adaptability

Self-paced and self-guided learning experience — everything is organized by subject and/or grade level so you have the ability to teach the topic of your choice, on your own terms and own pace.

Turn Key Curriculum

Save time and energy with ready to go curriculum developed by a leading research university, all aligned to NGSS and Common core state specific standards

Continuous Improvement

Currently 240+ STEM lessons with plenty more in the pipeline. MyStemKits will continue to grow and evolve in the future and you will have access to it all.

Genuine Support

MyStemKits K-12 Curriculum was developed by the Florida Center for Research (FCR STEM) by leading curriculum specialists. Teacher support and easy implementation is the center of our curriculum programs.

Hands on interactive learning

Our core approach is hands on learning. Teachers will put the 3D models in the hands of the students to follow along the student assessments, test theories, and adjust. We aim to provide collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity in each MyStemKits Lessons.

For Teachers, by teachers

The experts are in the classroom. These expert teachers work alongside Florida State University professors and us to build MyStemKits. Staying on the forefront of the best practices is our priority.

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What our teachers are saying

  • They were motivated to work through the math... Even my most difficult class, [was] so engaged and really working together… There’s just a lot of action, a lot of learning going on and it’s really really good… There’s a lot a multilevel of learning in this that I did not even expect.

  • This will be a wonderful way to obtain some of the hands on tools that generally prove too expensive for a small school like ours to typically have access to, which will definitely enrich the educational experiences of our students.

  • The students get to put their hands onto actual materials. I never would have had students using a caliper in the past. Now they are…Science is really coming to life for them. … This is fantastic for getting kids motivated.

  • I've never seen them so engaged...It was the best lesson in my five years.

    Heather Alden Lassiter
    Heather Alden Lassiter Middle School Biology Teacher
  • I noticed an instant increase in student engagement that allowed for more meaningful learning tasks.

    Natalie Reiser
    Natalie Reiser Instructional Staff Developer
  • The creativity in the 3D printing stuff and the imagination there is what you're paying for. I don't know who you got to do that but it's amazing. It's just hundreds and hundreds of kits that I wish I had at school.

    Scott Hanselman
    Scott Hanselman Podcaster, Parent, Microsoft Blogger
  • We are so lucky to have the 3-D printers and MySTEMKits.com as a resource to support teachers… We are thrilled of the successes we are experiencing through this program.

    Nick Piscitelli
    Nick Piscitelli Professional Development Specialist

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