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Far too often the forgotten years, we’ve striven to create a truly comprehensive collection of kits for every STEM subject in middle school. These years are vitally important to the continued success of students and it extra important to create things students will find engaging. That’s why our main focus for these years has been on integrating STEM topics. Bringing math and science together through real-world scenarios and problem-based learning. This cross-curricular approach helps reinforce the importance of the subject matter as well as reiterating topics between classes to help solidify the content knowledge.

Moreover, by focusing on middle school, we know teachers in grades both higher and lower can often adapt these kits to suit their needs simply by changing the level of math required or the depth to which the topic is covered. Which means if you’re reading this but aren’t a middle school teacher, don’t stop now. We’ve got a lot for everyone in this category. So let’s break it down:

Pretty straight forward, our hands-on geometry kits create visual and tactile solutions that are affordable and easy-to-create so that each student can have the manipulatives right at their desk. No more need to share one conic-section for the entire school. Print one set off for each student. Plus, get conic sections that actually include all possible cross-sections, including triangles. Not just for three-dimensional geometry, we also offer kits on planar geometry, similar shapes, and congruent angles.

Algebra and Statistics
This is the perfect place for cross-curricular STEM learning. Learning about scale in your math classroom? Why not do it with our to-scale replicas of the organelles of the cell? Or how about comparing sample populations? Do it with two closely-related species of Darwin’s finches! We know that the integration of statistics into middle school was a challenge a lot of teachers did not expect. And we’ve created a lot of kits and a lot of curriculum to help address that new topic, all the while reinforcing and reiterating science topics that also have to be addressed during the middle school years. If you’re going to create sample data, you might as well do it with a catapult. And if you’re looking at sampling techniques, why not explore those while determining what the ocean floor looks like beneath the ocean surface? And don’t worry – we have a few traditional math manipulatives as well. From adding and multiplying fractions to graphs, and box and whisker plots to build-your-own spinners, you’ll never be without something new to print next. Check out our Algebra kits here and our kits on Statistics, Probability, and Data here.

Earth and Space Science 
Did your ears perk up when we mentioned ocean topography in the previous section? That’s right. We have a kit which explores ocean landforms. We also have kits which explore the makeup of the earth’s interior, weather patterns, ocean currents, gravity, and more. We’re especially excited about our Planetary Temperatures Kit, which allows students to run a variety of experiments related to global warming and the planets of the solar system. Plus, integrate math into our Ocean Topography Mapping Kit and Gravity, Mass and Distance Kit.

Biology & Ecology 
Another great area for math integration, these collection of kits focus on the human body, genetics, and ecology. With scale models of hard-to-access specimens (such as Darwin’s finches or skull replicas), reinforce measuring and data while investigating the ecological significance of the variance between species. Look for signs of lifestyle by examining models, explore phylogenetic trees, and trace the genealogical traits from one generation to the next. Includes our multi-purpose DNA Kit and snap-together Chromosomes Kit.

Physical Science
The ideal environment for hands-on STEM education, our collection of physics kits are perfect for interdisciplinary learning. From replicating real-world scenarios with no one right answer to simple challenges, these kits create an engaging backdrop for physics experiments. Take flight with our Gliders Kit, launch into action with our catapults, zip to the finish line with our ramp kits or sit back and explore proportional reasoning and simple machines with our New York Balance Kit. The backbone of Physics is a solid foundation in math and our kits work to enhance the learning of both subjects simultaneously.

Have any additional ideas for new middle school kits?
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