3D Printing Filament Comparison

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What is 3D filament? Good question! 3D filament is the material 3D printers use to print your objects. With the growth of 3D printers also comes the growth in filament variations. Deciding what filament is best for your printer can be a burden so today we will do our best to assist you with this tedious task.

We know that you are anxious to get printing so we’ve taken the time to assembled a table that displays the types of filament available to you. Along with the types of filament, the table will provide you with the characteristics of each filament, the type of build plate needed for the filament, and the required temperature needed to be maintained by your 3D printer. The table will also share with you the strength and weaknesses of each filament.

To view our complete list click here: https://www.mystemkits.com/3d-printing-filament-comparison/ 

Although we have composed a list for you, many brands have their own specifications for printing so please check for the manufacturer’s suggestions for the filament and printer you are using. Following these recommendations will give you the optimal print settings for your particular equipment.

One other thing to note is that all of the pre-set printing settings for MyStemKits.com are adapted for PLA filament. To adjust your printer to suggested settings based on the filament and printer you are using, you will have to deactivate the one-click printing feature on MyStemKits.com.

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