3D Printing and Everyday Objects

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When you think of 3D printing you often picture completed designs produced entirely by a 3D printer and its filament. Actually, there are numerous everyday items that are used to assist with the assembly of 3D printed designs.

With this post we will highlight a few commonly used items that are used to enhance the 3D printing designs

Unsharpened #2 Pencils – Commonly used by students to document their classroom work a typical #2 pencil can be used as connectors, bases, and hinges. Although they are simple in appearance, once injected into a 3D printed design they become dependable anchors to complex schemes as they appear with our Pencil Catapult Kit.

Meter Sticks (large, non-metal ends) – Another simple classroom gem, the meter stick, can be used in the construction of many of our kits. Used primarily for bases, ramps, and scale arms. The use of meter sticks, as shown with our Planetary Temperature Kit, provides you pre-calculated measurements which allow you to construct your design without worrying about the accuracy.

Rubber Bands – This gem, shown with our Ballista/Force Generator Kit, allows you to Increase the flexibility of the solid 3D printed parts. Because they are flexible, the rubbers band can be manipulated so that you can affect factors such as the angles of projection, speed of projectile objects, and the power exuded by your design.

Binder Clips – These jewels are great support for holding items in place or together. Binder clips, as shown with our Chromatography Paper Holder Kit, help reduce the need for precise fittings when 3D printing.


The supplies mentioned in this post are just a small example of amazing roles office supplies can play in the world of 3D printing. Although you may have never thought about office supplies outside of their commonly known uses, you now see that they can be very supportive and dependable when it comes to expanding your 3D printing capabilities.

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