3D Modeling for 3D Printing: Modeling 101

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This brief tutorial showcases the general steps used to create a simple boat like the ones in the MyStemKits.com Boats Kit. It is not intended as a tutorial for how to use the Blender software, but instead goes over general modeling practices and explores key modeling techniques such as scaling, extruding, and boolean operations.

3D Modeling for 3D Printing: Modeling 101

Interested in 3D modeling but not sure where to start? First, check out our two-part post 3D Modeling for 3D Printing: Understanding Modeling Software where we discuss the different types of modeling software and discuss different software options available for free.

Today, I’ll be discussing some techniques for subdivision modeling and how to get started building basic shapes and some easy ways to make those shapes into much more complicated shapes. I’ve created a screenshot video for you with a brief Blender tutorial designed to introduce you to methods to use when modeling, ways to approach a model, and even a few tricks you can employ within the Blender software to make modeling in that software easy. Note, this is not designed to teach you how to use the Blender software. It is designed to showcase general modeling techniques and approaches. In it, I create a boat model similar to the ones in the Boats Kit and go over the following modeling techniques: scaling, extruding, and boolean operations.

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