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One of our biggest goals is to build strong, productive, and lasting relationships with our communities and here at, we feel that there’s no better way than starting with our youth. On April 18, 2017, Dr. Justin Ballenger, a member of Mercer University’s STEAM Team, hosted a STEAM Fair along with the students of his EMAT 671- Science Method course at the Kindezi School in DeKalb County Georgia.


The event, held on the Kindezi campus, afforded pre-service educators the ability to engage with students from the Kindezi Aftercare program. The students ranged from 3rd graders to 6th graders. The fair gave the students the chance to experience STEM demonstrations that included the construction of DNA models, modeling projectile motion with catapults and 3D printed gliders, and measuring force and motion using model cars.

MyStemKits donated the kits used during the fair. The kits provided the students with more than just education, they provided them with possibilities. When asked about his assessment of how using the kits compared to using more traditional lessons Dr. Ballenger stated, “The stem kits were an excellent tool for engaging the students in hands-on learning. The students were able to adapt the lesson plans from their original forms to use them with a different age group.” The efforts of Dr. Ballenger, his students, Mercer University, and MyStemKits will continue to validate the idea that the more we introduce our youth to the various aspects of STEM, the more they will see that anything is possible.

MyStemKits continues to strive to enhance the communities we interact with and we applaud Dr. Ballenger and his students for their continuous efforts to broaden the minds of our youth and prepare them for tomorrow, today.  Below are the kits used by Dr. Ballenger and his students.

Ball Bearing Catapult Kit

Designed with the classroom in mind, this simple catapult joins efficiency, consistency, and flexibility within one compact design. Featuring a designated-angle launch mechanism, variable-mass projectiles, and a backstop (to ensure consistency in launch energy), this kit ensures consistent data. Providing an engaging look at projectile motion, data generation, and statistical analysis, this kit can be used in a multitude of ways in the classroom or out of it. Also great for graphing equations of quadratics. Compare with our Pencil Catapult Kit.

Clinometer Kit (used with the Gliders Kit)

Designed to attach to your standard protractor, our clinometer includes a sight and a locking mechanism to ensure accuracy when collecting data on angle of slope and elevation. The kit includes attachments for a ½” PVC pipe and a meter stick for use with our Rockets and Gliders Kits, as well as a flat version to use as a protractor helper. A great way to get outside, use this in your Trig course for indirect measurement of objects’ heights or as a supplement in your physics courses to collect and analyze additional data such as elevation. Pairs well with the Parallax Kit for a more comprehensive look at indirect measurement!

Gliders Kit (used with the Clinometer Kit)

Let STEM learning take off with these gliders! Useful for a variety of explorations, let students investigate aeronautic variables, explore vectors, and use their knowledge to accomplish specific tasks. The perfect way to get outside when studying the distance formula or Pythagorean Theorem. Each plane is equipped with built-in flight control surfaces including elevators and wing flaps. Compare design with our variant plane which includes ailerons. Gliders require no assembly and are available in two sizes to accommodate various print bed sizes. Use with our Clinometer Kit to measure elevation gained and launch angle.

Meter stick Ramp Kit

Get your students rolling with this adjustable ramp complete with multi-angle transition pieces that allow for smooth motion from the ramp to the ground! This kit currently features two different extensions to explore a variety of integrated physics lessons:

Car Extension – Featuring a modular design, this car can be utilized to explore the change in motion based on varying mass and angle of incline on the meter stick ramp, as well as in flat surface experiments. Pair it with the Ballista/Force Generator Kit and explore the change in motion with consistent pushing force! It is also designed to work with the Hip Science Force Motion sensor to generate graphs of motion data.

Moments of Inertia Extension – By creating two cylinders that are identical in mass, volume, and shape, while adjusting where the weight is relative to the object, this kit provides an exploration of the concepts of angular momentum and torque.


This interactive kit brings the structure and composition of DNA, RNA, and proteins to the classroom in manipulative form. Built out of interlocking ball-joints, flexible nucleic acid and polypeptide models can be disassembled and reassembled with ease. Integrating RNA and amino acid components, this kit allows for hands-on exploration of DNA replication, DNA transcription, and mRNA translation. Pair with the Macromolecules: Nucleotides Kit and Macromolecules: Proteins Kits for a more complete understanding of the molecular structure of these nucleotides and the formation and folding of proteins through protein synthesis.

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